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Pollonia, Pollonia, Milos, 84800, Greece

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The greatest and most intriguing characteristic of Milos for the conscious visitor is its volcanic nature and geological wealth, which this carefully designed tour allows to explore.

I want to scrape the surface of this beautiful island and get to know its history and geology, how the volcano has shaped its economy, historical importance and of course the landscape.

Based on the Miloterranean Geo Walks, an extensive geological path network of the Milos Mining Museum that reveals the terrain of Milos and the geological history behind it in 6 routes, this tour includes parts of Route No3 (Sulphur Mines), Route No2 (Volcano) and No4 (Aggeria).

This is where I will go:

-Mining museum, Obsidian collection

My experienced escort will give me a short tour at the Milos Mining Museum. Exhibits and photographs of the exhibition showcase the impressive geological particularity of Milos and narrate in their own way the mining history of the island; the Milos obsidian collection is an absolute must-see.

-Salt fields

Next stop are the Salt fields. I now have the opportunity to go through the history of the Salt fields and learn about the port of Kanava and its importance from the Middle Ages, leading up to the early 20th century.

-Crater of Fyriplaka, with the century-old cedar trees

We will pass through the steep entrance of the crater and continue down a slippery road that leadsto a clearing right in the center of the crater, where the old cedar trees abide.

-Kalamos (volcano ending) where I can admire the fumaroles and visit the observation standpoint of Ag. Kyriaki beach

-Sulphur Mines, the phantom city of Milos, where the actual mines were open and the miners had created an entire, almost completely independent community, until the 1950s, when the site was abandoned almost overnight and the operation of the mines was ceased abruptly. I get to wander the imposing site, with the gaping entrance to the mines and the abandoned houses and ruins of the the miners’ community; this is a unique stop as the site is not easily accessible with a regular vehicle.

-Aggeria mine (largest active bentonite mine in Europe)

-Modern Mineral processing factory


Tour duration: 10:00 - 15:00 

Pick up points: Adamas (09:45) , Pollonia (10:00)

Maximum participation: 4 people

Tour starts from: Pollonia

Tour Frequency: 2 times per week, Mondays & Fridays (other days available upon request)

Cost includes: Small bottle of water 0,5lt, midday snack, map of the island

Not included: Admission in the Mining Museum (4 euros/person in 2017)

Available languages: English and upon request French and Spanish (at additional cost)



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