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Marine Excursions

Some of the most beautiful spots in the island are accessible only by sea.
The famous Kleftiko (the Pirate Bay), Spelia tis Sykias (the Fig Tree Cave), and Glaronisia (the Seagull islands) are all waiting for me to explore them. The first option is to choose one of the many daily organized excursions, having in mind that the majority start from the port of Adamas, but also there are some others starting from Pollonia. Also, I have to choose what kind of tour I’m interested in, because some tours circumnavigate the island and some others are organized to visit specific points of interest. Depending on my mood and preferences, I can choose an excursion by yacht, speedboat or traditional boat. Usually, food is included in the most of the tours and sometimes the cooking procedure is part of it during a break at a beautiful beach or during the journey at sea. It's a unique experience that someone definitely deserves to live.

The most sougth-after tours are the following:

  1. Circumnavigating the island: Starting from Adamas, it includes stops at several beaches for swimming and a longer stop at Kimolos so as to have lunch. I can get a good overview of the whole island, but the stops wouldn’t be long because of time constraints. Large boats and sailboats arrange to do such excursions.
  2. Excursion to Kleftiko: It is a trip that focuses on Kleftiko and on the route to reach the place (west coast). The starting point is Adamas port, a stop at the Cave of the Fig Tree is included and finally there is a lot of time to explore all the caves of Kleftiko and swim in the crystal clear waters. Moreover, the food is included and depending on the program of each tour it will take place either at a beach or on board. On the way back the sunset is breathtaking. Mainly, sailboats and speedboats offer this type of tour.
  3. Trip to Polyaigos and Kimolos: Polyaigos is an uninhabited small island in the northeastern side of Milos, very close to Pollonia. It offers many small secluded beaches and unique geological formations. The view that is created by the mixture of the colors of the water and the colors of the surrounding rocks, is incredible and every small bay looks like a painting canvas. The route starts from Pollonia and according to the wishes and preferences of the passengers, there is a stop that could be done either in Kimolos or halfway to Polyaigos. The food is either offered at a beach or on board. The tour is offered by sailboats and speedboats.
  4. A trip especially for me: If I have a agreable group of friends, we can rent a boat and schedule a day trip, passing through the points that we want to explore and make as many stops we want. Also, I could charter a boat to travel from Milos to neighboring islands or to arrange a cruise to discover the Cyclades. It is an ideal way in order to have different choices during the trip, and also it could be nice organizing to share the cost with my frinds.