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Cooking Lessons

With the guidance of Mrs Georgia (our traditional cook) and help of Ioanna (her lovely assistant and interpreter) I will discover the secrets of Milos’ cuisine. I will cook a full course meal with traditional recipes from Greece and Milos in particular. Try local cheese, wine and get introduced to the history behind of some recipes and how the local culture and herbs have contribute to the evolution of each dish.

Having a chance to get my hands “dirty” and try new tastes, will be a unique way to discover another very interesting aspect of the Milos. Last but not least I will have dinner with what everyone in the group will have prepared, accompanied by local wine.

The meal includes:
Appetizers: Local cheece pies and tzatziki
Salad: Kritharokouloura (kind of salad with barley rusks, tomatoes, cappers and touloumotyri cheese)
Main course: Fresh lasagna with garlic sauce and tomatoe or with rooster
Desert: Karpouzopita (water melon pie)
Goodbye treats: Traditional spoon sweets (preserves) with Greek yogurt, digestive Mastic liquor


The cooking lessons take place in Apanemia Restaurant in Pollonia village.
Duration: 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Available languages: English, French
Maximum participation: 12 persons
Transfer service from other places in Milos is available upon request.