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In the end of summer

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The calendar leafs may have otherwise been turned to autumn, but September is still a summer month in Milos, though pointing toward its end. The sea is warmer than any other period of the year and the weather is my “friend” in any excursion I plan, since the trade winds are long gone. On the other hand, summer temperatures are still here and remind me that summer in Greece is more than August. All the stores on the island are still open and prices for lodging are as low as at the beginning of summer.

The Bonfires of “Old man August”

On the 31st I get the chance to see the Bonfires of “Old man August”, a traditional custom that takes place particularly in Tripiti and Pollonia. Locals light big fires just before sunset and jump over the flames, in order to gain strength to face the cold of the coming winter.
Moreover, one of the most important events of the island starts on the 16th of September each year. It is the three-day fair at the monastery of St. John Siderianos in Halakas. This religious festival is the largest in Milos and many visitors come just for that. Indicative is the fact that many residents of the neighboring island of Kimolos, vow to make the hike to Saint John on foot after setting foot off the boat that connects Kimolos to Pollonia, a distance of 30km from the port to the monastery!

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